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Palmware®-plates 15 x 15 cm, square (100 pcs.)

without plastic biobased - less CO2 biodegradable DIN13432 biodegradable suitable for deep cooling
Palmware®-Teller 15 x 15 cm, quadratisch
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Premium quality Suitable for hot and fatty dishes Individual grain pattern... more
Product information "Palmware®-plates 15 x 15 cm, square"
  • Premium quality
  • Suitable for hot and fatty dishes
  • Individual grain pattern
  • Biodegradable (EN 13432)

Premium Palmware® plates for catering and food trucks

Natural all-rounders : Our Palmware® plates are made from the shaft of a betel nut palm leaf. The leaves naturally have ideal characteristics for use as disposable tableware.

What can our Palmware® plates be used for? The plates can be used for fatty or hot food, are moisture resistant and food safe. Do you own a food truck? The Palmware® plates are especially light, stable and stackable. This saves space in your truck and allows you to fill your food quickly and easily with simple hand movements.

Premium quality with a unique texture: The leaves are shaped by hydraulic presses and then refined: The edges are smoothed manually and the surface is polished. Each palm leaf has a very unique grain pattern. This grain is preserved during the production of the plates. So every plate you hold in your hand is a small work of natural art.

Naturally environmentally friendly: The Palmware® plates are a completely biodegradable natural product. The leaves of your palm leaf plates come from betel nut plantations. Your plates are a environmentally friendly natural product for which no additional arable land is cultivated.

How long can the plates be used? Our palm leaf dishes can be used for immediate consumption of your food. Keeping the food on for longer periods could soften the dishes. Moist or fatty foods can be placed on the dishes up to 30 minutes before consumption. Dry food can also be kept longer in our Palmware®.
Would you like to see if the Palmware® is right for you? Order a sample and find out if our Palmware® meets your needs and expectations.

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