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This sugar in sachets is special because it is fair trade. The producer receives a fair minimum price. Your customers can enjoy it and you can relax with a good conscience to go.

  • White sugar
  • 2.5 g serving package
  • Hygienic
  • Fair trade logo
  • Sachet portions

Ready-portioned sugar makes it easy for your customers to sweeten their drink according to their own taste. Hygienic sachets are particularly popular with takeaway businesses and traditional coffees to go. Equipped with a fair trade logo, the sachets promote the good idea and you as a responsible host - good publicity can be so easy!

  • Product width (mm): 45
  • Product length (mm): 54
  • Width carton (mm): 195
  • Length pack (mm): 285
  • Height pack (mm): 170
  • Weight per pack (kg): 3,2
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 1
  • EAN: 4260535396351
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