Mini burger boxes made of sturdy cardboard

Our mini burger boxes are suitable for small burgers, side dishes like chicken nuggets and small cakes. The cardboard burger boxes is particularly easy to recycle and biodegradable.

What’s the right size for you?

What toppings do you put on your burger? Does the final result fit in our packaging? With a sample order, you can test whether our burger boxes are suitable for your menu.

We are FSC® certified.

FSC<sup>®</sup> Label

  • Product width (mm): 117
  • Product height (mm): 70
  • Product length (mm): 123
  • Product width bottom (mm): 90
  • Product Length bottom (mm): 90
  • Width carton (mm): 345
  • Length pack (mm): 475
  • Height pack (mm): 380
  • Weight per pack (kg): 7,6
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 8
  • EAN: 4260643577956
Product advantages
By the use of bio-based resources, such as bio-plastics, this article possesses a smaller carbon footprint in its life-cycle than conventional products.
This article is completely bio-degradable. In case that it contains plastics, only bio-plastics, which decompose in a natural way, are used.
Cold and hot dishes
This article is suitable for both cold and hot dishes.
Made in Europe
This article was manufactured in Europe.
This article is FSC® certified. FSC® stands for "Forest Stewardship Council" and is an international certification system for sustainable forest management.
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