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Baking Molds and the Colorful World of Cake Boxes

When it comes to transporting cakes, muffins, cupcakes, or even pies, the stability of the baking molds or packaging is crucial. A sturdy baking mold is one aspect, while attractive and appealing packaging is another. The baking mold must have the right shape and withstand the oven while baking, but the packaging should also not be neglected, especially for beautifully decorated baked goods.

Cake Boxes, Muffin Liners, and Cupcake Boxes evolving

But where does one actually start? First, one must identify and summarize the requirements of various bakers and pastry chefs step by step. What heat can a baking mold withstand? How does the packaging behave when a cake is thawing inside it? How moist are the batters? Which muffin is most likely to stick to the baking mold, and what kind of coating can prevent that while baking? What sizes, colors, and shapes are in demand? Such an analysis is not a one-time event – it's an ongoing conversation between restaurateurs, end customers, and us as packaging suppliers.

Just as the ideas of bakers change, so do the desires of the customers – yesterday, white cupcake boxes were still trendy, while muffin liners are gaining more popularity today. The cupcake may be more buttery, the cake creamier, the muffin decorated with wilder flair, and an elegant ornament should adorn the cake as well. Whatever may evolve, the packaging and baking molds must not be left behind. The well-known combination of cake boards and wrapping paper might still suffice for a classic piece of cake or a few cookies, but when it comes to cakes and other more challenging delicacies to transport, a suitable box is needed so that the baked product arrives safely and beautifully at the customers' table.

Colors, Shapes, and Fruits

The child's birthday is coming up. He is a huge fan of white. Naturally, the birthday cake should reflect that preference. But it doesn't stop at the fondant and glittering pearls that sweetly decorate the baking masterpiece – the packaging, the first thing you see, should also evoke excitement and delight, just as the customers wish for!

Here's another example: for an anniversary, you want to make your wife happy. She loves pastries and art! That's where the new patisserie around the corner comes in handy. They offer muffins, cupcakes, and everything one's heart desires, adorned with delicate caramel threads and other decorative elements. Now, how do you ensure these culinary wonders reach your beloved unharmed? You'll need a box that is both sturdy and elegantly designed, providing a new home for the muffins after they leave their baking molds. Ideally, a cupcake box with a viewing window would allow the first glimpse of the artfully created treats.

Or the classic scenario: the school is organizing a baked goods sale. Baking and donating the proceeds – what a great initiative! But when your child informs you just a few days in advance, it can quickly become stressful. A simple fruit-covered molded cake is easy to make and always well-received! Especially in summer, the sweet layer of fruit and sugar is a hit. So, grab the baking mold and get started. Everything is ready on time, and the stress seems to be over. But how do you keep this amount of cake intact under the summer sun? And more importantly, how can you leave the cake standing all day long without the sugar completely melting, making everything sticky and unappetizing?

"Let them eat cake" - but please, in sustainable packaging!

Even among pastry enthusiasts, there is a growing desire for sustainability – and as a gastronomist, it's essential to meet that demand. Eggs from a local farm – excellent! Milk from naturally raised cows – fantastic! The muffin baking mold, the cake or pie box, any cupcake liners – please make them sustainable too!

Nowadays, a sustainable baking mold or packaging no longer means sacrificing benefits. Viewing windows are made from more sustainable PLA, paper comes from certified forestry, and the entire lifecycle of the baking mold, including its production and transportation, is offset with climate protection projects. Et voilà: the sustainable treat is created in a sustainable baking mold and later finds its place in the corresponding sustainable packaging. Customers are delighted, and the good conscience orders an extra piece of cake on top!

An Assortment for Every Occasion

Whether it's a round or square baking mold made from sustainable cocoa paper, white or brown cardboard cake boards, paper bags with or without PLA windows, cupcake boxes in various shapes, cake boxes in different sizes, muffin liners... We have the right product in our online assortment for every baking customer. If something is missing, you can certainly bring it to our attention. Perhaps your new, particularly impressive cake needs an extra-large cake box? Through feedback, our extensive selection becomes more complete, piece by piece.

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