Step by Step to Your Restaurant Business

You want to open a café or restaurant and don't know where to start? Here, we want to show you a few points on what you need to make your dreams come true!

What do I need to open a café/restaurant?

You want to start a gastronomy business and dream of opening a café or restaurant? Where should one even begin? Several steps and preparations are necessary before you can take action. First, the business plan should be developed, the financing thought out, the location analyzed, and the target audience considered. But don't worry – even without experience in the restaurant industry, it is possible to open a café or restaurant. Developing a coherent concept that sets your business apart from others should be a key focus.

Developing the Right Concept for Your Target Audience

Consider which target audience you want to appeal to. Are they students, families, or businesspeople? The location can play a crucial role in this decision. In the city center or a bustling neighborhood, locations that attract a lot of foot traffic are desirable, while quieter areas can cater to a target-specific clientele. Additionally, consider whether the concept should be theme-based, traditional, or modern.

Financing, Licensing, and Equipment - the bureaucratic steps

First, conduct a market analysis. What expenses will you face? The capital requirements need to be calculated – rent, renovation, equipment, purchasing inventory, and staff. This can seem overwhelming, but don't worry, there are various financing options available to you. These include bank loans, grants, or investors. A mixed financing approach may also be beneficial. However, always maintain a realistic assessment and devise solutions and a plan to gain trust from potential investors. Once your plan is in place, you should proceed with the business registration process – this makes your business official. A building permit is also necessary if you plan on renovation or changing the building's use. Another crucial point is adhering to hygiene regulations. Before opening your gastronomy business, familiarize yourself with food laws and ensure that your establishment complies with regulations.

Presentation Matters – Choosing the Right Design

After creating your financing plan, attention should also be given to the commercial equipment and furnishings. Professional kitchen appliances and dishwashers, cooking utensils, and tableware should not be overlooked. But the ambiance is also of importance. The right furniture plays a significant role in providing your customers with a pleasant experience in your establishment. Comfortable chairs, well-designed tables, the counter, and an appealing bar should ensure a harmonious coordination in your gastronomy concept. To add a personal touch, decorative elements like pictures and plants create an inviting atmosphere and characterize your café or restaurant. Dreaming of a tapas restaurant? Highlight the theme and ambiance with suitable lighting! Or perhaps a juice bar? In our selection, you'll find the sustainable takeaway smoothie cup for that! Need more inspiration, tips, and tricks for design? Then check out our article on Corporate Design here!

Building Your Dream Team

To get your café or restaurant up and running, having the right staff is essential. Qualified employees for various positions such as kitchen staff, service staff, and cleaning staff. Assembling a team should be done carefully, as your staff will maintain customer contact. Therefore, appropriate training should also take place, and hygiene regulations should be adhered to. A good team is the key to success!

Boosting Your Online Presence

An online presence can also help your business increase its visibility and attract customers. Try creating a professional website and being active on all social media channels. With links, hashtags, and appealing images, you can skillfully use marketing and advertising and perhaps even find new collaborations that benefit your business!

Quality over Quantity

The selection of the right suppliers and the procurement of your food and beverages are perhaps one of the most relevant decisions. Plan your menu and beverage list carefully, focusing on products that are high quality. Fewer products of higher quality are certainly more effective! For your dream café, for example, you can offer homemade cakes! In our range, you'll also find suitable takeaway packaging such as cake boxes or cupcake boxes. Do you want to offer a self-service counter for salads, soups, or stews? To facilitate your business's environmentally conscious approach, you'll also find reusable items in our shop. This way, you offer your customers a transition to sustainable takeaway consumption directly and also save resources on disposable products!

Matching Packaging with Our Range!

If your restaurant or café also wants to offer takeaway, then you'll find the suitable sustainable packaging with us! We offer biodegradable coffee cups, utensils, cardboard boxes, as well as reusable tableware! From bowls to meal containers to soup cups – you'll find it all with us! This makes your offering not only environmentally friendly but also practical and appealing to your customers. Additionally, your packaging style can be a part of your marketing and demonstrates awareness of environmental protection!

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