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Reusable packaging to be compulsory from 2023

As of 01.01.2023, the "Mehrwegpflicht " (mandatory offering of reusable packaging) will be established in Germany (VerpackG § 33 & 34). This means that catering businesses (this includes delivery services, caterers and self-service counters) must offer reusable packaging as an alternative to single-use packaging. Disposable plastic food packaging and disposable beverage cups are to be reduced in everyday life. Find out what this means for you in this article.

What Does the Mandatory Reusable System Entail?

Reusable products are not new. Many cafes have been offering their coffee in reusable cups for some time. However, what is new is that the provision of these reusable alternatives will become mandatory next year - and this applies not just to cups. In concrete terms, this means: If a customer orders a coffee-to-go in a reusable cup from you, you must offer her a corresponding cup. Whether you sell her one or handle it through a deposit system remains your choice. The crucial point is that the alternative exists. Additionally, the food service industry is obliged to take back the containers.

Mandatory Reusable Containers – Not Just for Cups

This regulation applies not just to cups. If a customer orders a salad to-go in a reusable bowl, there must also be a corresponding container available for this purpose. Customer-provided bowls must also be filled upon request. The law applies to the final distributor of the filled packaging. Businesses with a maximum of five employees and a sales area up to 80 square meters are exempt from this obligation. However, the option to fill customer-owned containers still exists for these smaller businesses.

Duty to Inform

All food service establishments without exception have a duty to inform customers about reusable options. This includes information boards and signs that point to the availability of reusable options and inform about the system of the respective establishment. This information must also be visibly provided for online orders.

Join Us on the Reusable Path!

We have been engaged with reusable products for years. Many of our reusable items are exact replicas in appearance of our disposable products. That is, they are the same in size or characteristic. If you use our disposable burger boxes, switching to our reusable burger boxes will be barely noticeable to you. We see the potential and ecological value of reusable packaging as ubiquitous and contemporary. For this reason, we developed our reusable Häppy Box series to meet our high standards. These are 98 percent bio-based and made of bio-PP with a 40 percent share of wood fibers, which are FSC certified by-products of the wood and paper industry and come from European forests. The bio-PP is based on plant oils and leftover cooking oils, which are transformed into bioplastic through a special process. Industrial by-products are thus sensibly reintroduced into the value creation cycle. The reusable containers are antibacterial, dishwasher safe, microwave suitable, and recyclable. The reusable Häppy Box series includes items such as soup cups and our popular Häppy Bowl®. In addition, all Häppy products are made in Germany.

Reusable Accessories

The matching lids allow for a snug fit due to their flexibility, ensuring a good seal. The transparency of the lids presents the dish attractively and eliminates the need to open the container during checkout. The lids are durable as well as dishwasher safe, and they integrate into an effective recycling stream.

Another example from our reusable range is the reusable cup for cold drinks. We source our reusable cups from a manufacturer that uses a patented technology. The cup features a special insulating function that allows it to be held comfortably with hot drinks filled in it, without burning one's fingers. In addition, it is sturdy and, compared to other reusable cups, notably lightweight. This is especially practical in everyday use. Moreover, the minimal amount of material used in the cup reduces the product's CO2 footprint.

Customize Your Reusable Containers!

With the obligation to take back your own distributed products, customization becomes particularly attractive for you. This way, everyone knows: This reusable container comes from you! Therefore, we offer printing on almost all Häppy items. This ensures a stronger external perception and also looks professional.

We Have Not Yet Reached the End of Our (Reusable) Path

In the future, we aim to seek, find, and develop reusable alternatives - some of which will soon be available in the shop. Our goal: We provide you with the appropriate alternatives, so you are optimally prepared for the reusable obligation in 2023.

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