Sundaes - as diverse as your ice cream creations

Creamy milk ice cream with chocolate and nuts, colourful fruit ice cream with sweet fruit - what could be better? Ice cream is simply part of summer. But unfortunately, with the enjoyment of ice cream also comes waste. Tons of plastic ice cream cups, straws and spatulas still end up in incinerators or even in nature. But there are now excellent, sustainable alternatives at good prices.

Cardboard ice cream sundae

As disposable tableware, the waffle cone is actually unbeatable. There is no better way to avoid waste than to eat the packaging. The only problem is that wafers are difficult to hold and unsuitable for longer transport. What's more, the ice cream can melt so quickly over your hands. Disposable cardboard ice cream trays are often the more practical solution. The organic cardboard ice cream cups from greenbox are made from FSC-certified production. The petroleum-free coating reliably prevents the cup from softening without harming the environment. The high-quality ice cream cups are available in white, brown and in colourful designs with matching lids. They are suitable for hot and cold food and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 105°C. For the really big appetite (or the family portion of vanilla ice cream), we also offer cups with a filling volume of up to 400 ml. The smallest cups, on the other hand, have a volume of 75 ml.

To add more colour and personality to your offer, you can also have your ice cream cups individually printed with your logo.

New: Our new ice cream cups are even more sustainable: they feature a water-based dispersion barrier. This means the cups don't require any additional artificial coating, without compromising on quality.

Get the sundaes, get set, get spooning!

In addition to eco-friendly ice cream cups, you'll also find napkins and ice cream spatulas for every creation, no matter whether it's for a big or small ice cream craving. You'll also need the right cutlery to go with your printed and unprinted ice cream cups. Like our cardboard ice cream cups, the ice cream spatulas are available in white and brown and are FSC-certified. Although they are uncoated, there is no risk of softening. The high-quality, densely pressed paper keeps its shape and also has a pleasant mouthfeel.

If you want to serve other desserts besides ice cream, we also offer cups as a lightweight disposable alternative to glass. Use the certified and ecologically degradable, transparent PLA cups to present your delicious snacks of fresh fruit, yoghurt or cream. The dessert cups have a capacity of 75 ml to 150 ml and are suitable for cold food up to 40°C.

Our products ensure that your customers have a carefree summer feeling when eating ice cream. In our online shop you can find out everything about the range, prices and options for customising your order. All our products are 100% CO2-compensated from cultivation to production. You can find more information about our materials in our guide.