Sustainability in gastronomy

More and more people are concerned with the issue of sustainability. Many caterers, delivery services and restaurants are changing procedures or processes because of this. We show you how to explain to your guests that you care about the environment too.

Saving energy means saving costs

Use efficient devices
Cookers, refrigerators, kitchen appliances or the lighting and heating in the dining room need energy. There is no way around it. When buying new appliances, look for high energy efficiency classes. These may be more expensive to buy than less efficient appliances, but in the medium and long term the savings will offset the costs.
Regionality and seasonality
"Fresh" strawberries from Spain in winter? Your menu also indirectly costs energy for transport and storage. Make sure your menus are seasonal. To avoid long and environmentally damaging delivery routes, you can also look for producers from your region.

Less waste makes us and the environment happy

Offer smaller portions
Sometimes the eye is bigger than the stomach and some of the generous portion remains. The rest usually ends up in the rubbish. With smaller portions you can avoid throwing away your good ingredients. On smaller plates, the change may not even be noticeable.
Storing leftovers in environmentally friendly take-away packaging
As an alternative to smaller portions, you can also give your guests their leftovers to take home in handy take-away pac
Use reusable products
You'll find everything you need in our reusable range of certified, dishwasher- and microwave-safe products. Encourage your guests to use reusable containers for take-aways. .

Sustainable on the plate

Vegetarian/vegan dishes
Global meat production produces harmful emissions and leads to massive deforestation to make room for cattle pastures. Vegetarian and vegan menus as an alternative are therefore becoming more and more popular. A certain selection on your menu should therefore not be missing.
Grow your own vegetables
Urban gardening
is all the rage. In big cities, some restaurants are taking advantage of this enthusiasm and growing some of their own food or working with projects. Even if you can't cover all your needs, you're making an important statement and creating a unique selling point.

Use products from responsible production

Disposable tableware made from biodegradable materials
Especially in places with a lot of foot traffic, disposable packaging is sometimes more suitable than reusable. But if the waste is unavoidable, it should be as environmentally friendly as possible. So use disposable packaging without plastic and made from renewable raw materials. In our shop, you'll find environmentally friendly tableware that is both robust and attractive.
Include seals
are the best way to signal credibility. But be careful: seals are now a dime a dozen. So find out beforehand who is behind certain seals. One seal that we use ourselves is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). It indicates that forest products originate from environmentally sound forest management.
Environmentally friendly hygiene products
A strict hygiene concept rightly prevails in the catering industry. Use environmentally friendly soaps and biodegradable disinfectants in the kitchen and toilets.