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  • Folded paper hand towels made from 100 % recycled waste paper
  • The sustainable alternative
  • 2-layer
  • Hygienic V-fold

Green Hygiene: rPaper folded hand towels

The impressive thing about rPaper folded hand towels is the material. Unlike conventional folded paper hand towels, it is made from 100 % recycled paper waste. Highlights the concept of sustainability and in terms of quality is as good as regular folded paper hand towels.

The towels also have a practical V-fold. The big advantage: the paper folds inwards. This makes it easy to pull out one towel, while the next paper towel is pushed into the correct position without having to touch it. This is very practical for dispensers. An elegant and hygienic solution. The manufacturing of Green Hygiene products is completely CO2 compensated.

One sales unit consists of 20 packs of 200 sheets.

  • Product width (mm): 120
  • Product length (mm): 240
  • Width carton (mm): 400
  • Length pack (mm): 600
  • Height pack (mm): 260
  • Weight per pack (kg): 9,4
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 1
  • EAN: 4250820603868
Product advantages
This article was completely or partly produced with recycled resources. Of course, this article is also correspondent with the valid food regulations and legal guidelines for packaging, which have a direct contact with food.
Made in Europe
This article was manufactured in Europe.
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