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The term compound is derived from the English word "mixture" or "compound". A compound thus consists of two or more materials which, when mixed together, have favourable properties. Bio-Compound is not a protected term, so that a variety of material combinations can fall under it.

Natural, renewable, social

Our greenbox repEAT reusable products are made of a bio compound. It consists of a composition of natural fibres and bio-polymers. Since each product has different requirements, there is a differentiation in the material mixture. The two types of our currently used bio-compounds are explained below.

Reusable bowls:

The greenbox reusable trays are made of a wood-bio-plastic composite material. This consists of 40 % wood fibres (from sustainable German forestry) and 60 % bio-polypropylene (Bio-PP). The Bio-PP is obtained from sugar, so that the wood-bio-compound is made up of 98% renewable raw materials. The material used can also be recycled and is free of petroleum plastics, PLA and melamine.

The special bio-based material mix makes the reusable bowls dishwasher safe according to DIN 12875-1 and temperature resistant up to 70 °C. The greenbox reusable bowls are ideal for salads and unpackaged foods such as muesli, cereals or nuts. Together with the transparent lid, the contents also remain fresh and visible to customers.

Reusable organic cutlery:

The greenbox reusable cutlery is also made from a composite material of wood natural fibres and bio-plastics. The special material recipe was developed within the framework of a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (German: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie). The cutlery consists of 80 % renewable resources and is biodegradable. The cutlery is dishwasher-safe and temperature-resistant up to 70 °C.

Production steps of the Bio-Compound

  1. Natural fibres are required to produce the bio compound, which serve as a sustainable filler. The wood for this comes from production processes in which unused residual materials are left over. According to the "Waste to Value Principle", these are returned to the production cycle.
  2. The processed natural fibres are blended with bio-plastics to form a composite material. The more natural fibres are used, the more sustainable the final product becomes.
  3. The resulting composite material is heated in an injection moulding machine and injected into a special mould using pressure. The design of the reusable cutlery, in addition to production-related requirements, was designed to ensure that it fits well in the hand and leaves a pleasant mouth feel. After cooling, the production process is finished.
  4. Done. The greenbox reusable bowls and the reusable organic cutlery are ready for transport to you and are looking forward to being used in your company.

The special properties of the Bio-Compound

  • Food safe
  • Temperature resistant up to 70 °C
  • Made of renewable raw materials
  • Dishwasher safe (bowls) or dishwasher proof (cutlery)
  • No melamine, no BPA
  • Robust and resilient
  • Biodegradable (cutlery)
  • Sustainable appearance and high-quality haptics
  • Made in Germany - Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Wood from German forests with sustainable forestry

Advantages of reusable products

As the Bio-Compound is produced from renewable, plant-based raw materials, it helps to conserve non-renewable resources such as crude oil. The use of bio-plastics also reduces the amount of conventional plastic that has to be placed on the market - a welcomed saving, especially among end customers. In order to leave a small CO2 footprint, modern production facilities and short transport routes are used (Made in Germany). And the best thing is: The durability of the material makes the products not only sustainable but also attractive in price. You can find our reusable range in our Online-Shop.