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The palm leaves of the betel nut palm we use are a "by-product" on the betel nut plantations in India, so our palmware is a purely natural product. This means that we do not create our own plantations to extract the leaves or even clear valuable rainforests.

From the Areka Palm to sustainable tableware

The part of the palm tree that is valuable to us is on its trunk: the palm leaves, which are up to two metres long. During growth, four to seven leaves fall off every year. These palm leaves are collected during the dry season and sorted according to different qualities. As the dishes are pressed from the whole leaf, only high-quality leaves are used. For this reason, a large proportion of the leaves end up back in the fields as organic fertiliser or are burned. But instead of burning the waste product, our producers upgrade the material and produce environmentally friendly, decorative tableware. In the following, we explain in individual steps how the palm leaf is transformed into sustainable greenbox plates and bowls.

Production steps for the palm leaf products

  1. The palm leaves are sorted according to different qualities.
  2. The selected palm leaves are washed with water, bundled and dried. However, a certain amount of residual moisture must be retained for processing.
  3. With the help of hydraulic presses & heat the whole sheet is pressed into its desired shape. Then edges are smoothed and surfaces are polished.
  4. Done! The greenbox plates, bowls and menu trays are ready for transport to you and are looking forward to use in your company.

You can read more about fair production conditions in our Blog post.

Natural all-rounders: The special

  • Stable and robust
  • Food safe
  • Water repellent characteristics: Needs neither artificial coating nor additives
  • Resistant to fat and sauces
  • Good thermal characteristics: Also suitable for hot food
  • Unique grain on each sheet
  • CO2-neutral disposal

Sustainability: Palm leaf is a purely natural product

In South East Asia, areca palms are cultivated because of their popular betel nuts. In the industrialized countries, however, there is no interest in this type of palm because it does not belong to the subfamily of oil palms. For this reason, rainforests are guaranteed not to be cleared for the cultivation of areca palms in order to create additional cultivation areas.

Furthermore, the palm plantations from which we obtain the raw material for our palm leaf products are managed without pesticides and fungicides. The water with which the palm leaves are washed before further processing is also collected and then reused to irrigate the plants. In this way the farmers not only protect the environment but also valuable resources.

Products made from palm leaf usually end up in the garbage after use, but occasionally in the wild. As a natural product, however, the shells and plates are completely biodegradable and decompose relatively quickly. They turn into soil, which in turn is used by nature to create new life. If the leaves are burned, this has no negative effects on the environment. The burning of palm leaves is CO2-neutral. Only as much CO2 is released as the palms have absorbed during their growth. As a 100% natural product, the leaves don't contain substances that can cause damage to the environment.

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