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Cocoa paper as a sustainable alternative

What comes to mind when you think of cocoa? Probably sweet and chocolaty delicacies. But there is more that can be made from cocoa. Cocoa is not only delicious, but also very practical! Have you ever heard of cocoa paper? We'll explain what this particularly sustainable material is all about.

How is cocoa paper made?

Sure, chocolate is great - but have you ever used cocoa paper? The cocoa bean is delicious and also extremely practical - by nature. Grass paper, hemp paper, cocoa paper: in the meantime, there are several alternatives made from natural raw materials to produce paper or cardboard. After all, the materials from the environment are a renewable resource. Cocoa paper consists of leftovers from the cocoa bean and is particularly sustainable in production. The cocoa fruit needs a lot of heat and moisture, which is why it is grown around the equator. About 70 per cent of the harvest comes from West Africa.

The cocoa bean, including the pulp, is contained in the cocoa fruit, which can be easily detached. To get to the pure bean, it is roasted. During roasting, cocoa shells remain as a waste product. In a special process, cocoa fibres are obtained from these shells. These fibres are then mixed with conventional paper fibres. The result is paper with a pleasant feel and an appealing look. The brown paper is interspersed with dark, almost black dots, creating an unusual and unique look that will catch the eye of your customers.

How can you use cocoa paper?

Cocoa paper is particularly heat-resistant and is therefore well suited as a disposable baking tin. You can find baking tins made of cocoa paper in various shapes - for example for a square box cake or a round quiche. The natural exterior of the packaging supports the delicious contents. The earthy colour of the packaging material used ensures an appealing and individual presentation of the muffins, cakes and co. In addition, the high-quality paper is suitable for the freezer. Even though it is a tempting idea: The paper made of cocoa neither smells nor tastes of chocolate! It has no inherent odour that could transfer to food.

Harness the power of nature and try the sustainable alternative. Wrap your delicacies in brown cocoa paper!