'Easy-Print' - Print Custom Designs

With 'Easy-Print,' you save yourself the search for external graphic designers and creatives! Grab one of our pre-designed templates for your packaging and simply add your own message or company slogan. The effort takes only a few seconds; we'll take care of the rest for you!

'Easy-Print': With a few clicks to your own packaging

It is widely known that packaging printed with carefully chosen colors, custom logos, and unique lettering strengthens brand identity in the public eye and leaves a positive impression on guests. However, the path to personalizing coffee cups and other products is often time-consuming, complicated, and costly. In the hectic world of the hospitality industry, the focus is primarily on overcoming daily challenges and fulfilling duties, including efficiently managing staff, meticulous inventory control, and, of course, preparing delicious meals.

The search for innovative ways to distinctly position oneself in the competition through creative design of food service packaging is often neglected due to a lack of time. We have worked intensively on an effective concept to streamline the ordering process, making the product more individual and expressive, resulting in the development of 'Easy-Print.' 'Easy-Print' allows you to place your unique message or company name into a pre-designed template with just a few clicks during the ordering process. Taking your suggestions for a faster and more effective brand presentation to heart, we are excited to present the results with 'Easy-Print.'

Minimal effort, maximum results!

Graphics often need external creation, and finding a competent and reliable design agency can be time-consuming, especially if the designs are not immediately convincing and cannot be implemented right away or, in the worst case, not completed in time for the intended event. To meet your needs for simpler solutions in individually and quickly designing your packaging, we have introduced 'Easy-Print.'

With 'Easy-Print,' we offer you packaging such as coffee cups that already feature a fresh and appealing design. You don't need to provide your logo or upload your design template. The entire process is completed in just a few seconds for those making last-minute decisions. All you have to do is enter your specific message, company name, and other relevant information – and voilà! After completing your order, you can relax while we take care of all the further steps. This saves you time and resources without compromising on the quality and individuality of your packaging.

The perfect design for every event

Tastes vary – and we're aware of that. That's why we provide you with various design templates where you can easily insert your message or company name. You can align the choice of the design template with the purpose of the products. Our 'Summer Day' design is partially colored and adds a fresh glow to every event or brings a smile to your guests' faces during coffee enjoyment with its sunny yellow. On the other hand, our 'Midnight' design, with its delicate white lines and areas on a dark background, adds a noble and aesthetically graceful touch to your gastronomic business and all kinds of celebrations. We're eager to hear your opinion! Feel free to share with us at contact@greenbox.bio how you like 'Easy-Print' and how your individual messages resonate with our designs among your guests.

In addition to Easy-Print, our traditional option for printing and customizing cups, reusable bowls, reusable cups, labels, and burger boxes is still available to you.

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