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Packaging for Christmas Markets, Bazaars, and Winter & Advent Festivals

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. To get into the Christmas spirit, many people stroll through glittering Christmas markets in winter and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. In our shop, you will find the perfect packaging for your food stand at the Christmas market, Advent festival, or similar events!

The right cups for mulled wine, hot apple juice, cocoa, and more.

Mulled wine stalls are among the most popular stops at Christmas markets. Whether it's families, groups of friends, clubs, or office teams: Here, you'll find all kinds of people enjoying reflective togetherness. Many restaurants, along promenades or popular shopping passages, often also have a stall offering festive hot drinks. The right cup is recommended for serving hot beverages made from apple juice, milk, sugar, cocoa, or cinnamon.

In our shop, you'll find a wide selection of cups in the right size and with the right features for you. Our paper cups (50 ml, 100 ml, 125 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, and 400 ml) are available single-walled as well as double-walled, and can also be ordered as rippled cups. We offer matching lids for all cups. For alcoholic drinks (e.g., made from wine or liqueur), we especially recommend our reusable cups (200 ml and 300 ml).

White single-wall paper cup with mulled wine orange and wood stirrer

The matching cups:

Ribbed Cup

Ribbed Cup

The wavy ridges of our Ribbed Cup serve not only aesthetics but also practicality. They provide enhanced grip and reduce heat transfer, making it comfortable to handle hot beverages. Available in two sizes, Ribbed Cups have established themselves as useful companions for hot drinks like coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Ribbed Cup

Decorative Winter Cups

Decorative Winter Cups

Our paper cups in a winter-themed design capture the festive spirit, making them particularly suitable for Christmas markets and bazaars. The cups are available as single-wall, double-wall, and ribbed cups. The custom design, carefully crafted by our in-house graphics department, blends traditional winter motifs with sustainable materials.

Winter Cups

Reusable Ribbed Cup

Reusable Cup

The Reusable Cup is ideal for alcoholic beverages. Whether it's Feuerzangenbowle, mulled wine, or punch - hot drinks can be enjoyed effortlessly from these reusable cups. Thanks to patented technology, they are exceptionally lightweight while remaining heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. The Reusable Cup is not only user-friendly but also durable.

Reusable Cup

Food Packaging for the Christmas Market

In addition to the numerous beverage stalls, there are many more delicacies to discover. Who can resist food at an Advent or Christmas market? The corresponding cuisine must not be missing. Waffles, potato pancakes, or fried mushrooms: Various delicacies are in high demand during this time.

Fries, pastries, roasted almonds, or sausages - the selection is extensive, and the appetite is strong! We have the suitable and sustainable packaging for your custom food offerings. 

The packaging is made fromrecycled cardboardsugarcane, palm leaf, or wood fiber materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also practical! They possess the same functional properties as the now banned plastic variants. Hot dishes are effortlessly handled by the natural materials. The biodegradable or recycled bowls, plates, little bowls, and cutlery are also grease-resistant, so they can withstand sugary or fried meals. This allows your customers to move flexibly, which is advantageous at crowded Christmas markets or while strolling through the city.