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Printable packaging

The eye eats with you. This applies to your food just as much as to your packaging. Food packaging with your corporate design reflects your catering business, it increases the external effect and conveys professionalism. Because shapes and colours appeal directly to our emotions. We decide on a purchase within "a moment". So that you can present your business to the world, we have created a guide to the individual printing of high-quality cups, carrier bags and much more.

Printing on packaging? Well, of course!

Logos and slogans give a company its visual recognition value. In our blog post on corporate design (CD) we explain the design basics in more detail. It is important that the chosen shapes, colours and words correspond to the identity of your company and always remain consistent. Printed packaging thus becomes advertising boards that your customers carry around for you free of charge.

At greenbox we offer you the possibility to print your individual design on articles. You can choose from to-go paper cups (single-walled and double-walled), reusable cups (organic compound), ice cream cups (cardboard), carrier bags (recycled paper), labels and other accessories to suit every business model. In our shop you can download the individual print templates and start directly with your ideas. We do not offer graphic design.

Printable Packaging: Quick Guide

A brief summary upfront: Download the print template we created from the corresponding article page. Open this PDF in your preferred graphic editing software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator). Do not modify the existing layers and elements. Place your design elements (logos, images, texts, etc.) on a separate layer (usually already created by us and named "Artwork Layer").

Keep in mind to convert texts to outlines. In Adobe Illustrator, you can easily do this by pressing the shortcut "CTRL + SHIFT + O" (Apple: "CMD+SHIFT+O") or in the menu under "Type -> Create Outlines". If you want to be extra cautious, before saving the final file, select everything (Windows: "CTRL+A", Apple: "CMD+A") and convert it to outlines as described earlier. But beware: Your text will no longer be editable, so do this as the final step.

Afterwards, simply save the PDF; you don't need to export or save it in any other way. In most programs, a simple click on "Save" is sufficient (Windows: "CTRL+S", Apple: "CMD+S").

If you still feel unsure or want to be extra cautious, on our website, you'll find a "Print Info" file alongside the print template for each printable item. There, we provide more detailed information about resolution, safety margins, etc. However, if you don't modify our print template and only add your elements, most of the work should already be done.

Paper cups for drinks and ice cream

For the paper and cardboard of our coffee cups and ice cream cups, our print shop works with the European printing industry standard ISO Coated V2. So set this profile in your file in CMYK (colour mixing setting). Special colours that do not fall under the standard are automatically converted. Your selected colours may change slightly as a result. Due to the curved surface of the cups, the motif in the artwork is distorted. We have provided a print template with a grid that you can use for orientation. Make sure to place the motif on its own layer (artwork layer) in your graphics programme. Then adjust the individual orientation points to our given grid.

Reusable boxes, bowls and cups

All our reusable products are made from a compound of organic polypropylene and wood from sustainable forestry. The other surface has its own demands as paper / cardboard. Only single colour designs are printed on the organic compound, but multi-colour designs can be requested. The colour is applied in Pantone C, transparencies or similar effects are not possible. Transparency or similar effects are not possible. The design requires a minimum line width of 2.5 pt.

Paper carrier bag

Our paper bags and labels have other requirements. In this case you can choose a max. four-colour design in Pantone U (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). In CMYK, set ISO Coated V2 as the colour profile again. Only 50% of the total area of the carrier bags may be printed. Take this into account when placing your graphic.


We offer two types of labels: classic round and square and seal labels. They are also designed with a max. four-colour design in Pantone U, so follow the same settings as for the paper carrier bags. For the round and square labels, take into account that at least 1 mm of the corner radius will be cut off from the final format for production reasons. Also remove the "Print Punch" layer from the print file. The "cutting line" layer, on the other hand, must be retained, otherwise the correct dimensions cannot be maintained. Because of their narrow shape, only small designs and lettering can be used for the seal labels. However, the minimum displayable font size is 6 pt, the minimum printable line width is 0.2 mm.

Your finished individual packaging

All specifications are listed in detail in the print guides for the individual products. To be on the safe side, you can also contact your own graphic designer with the specifications. We create a proof from your design, which can be used to make changes. We only forward the order to print a product to our printers once the proof has been approved by you and we have received your payment. By the way, most of our partner printers are located in Europe and our products are 100% CO2-compensated.

By the way, we reserve the right to charge a fee of € 120.00 (net) for cancellations after receipt of the order confirmation. In addition to the customisable items in our shop, other products from our range can also be printed by arrangement. For a quote, please contact