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Sustainable promotions with ecobono promotions and greenbox

Promotional gifts are a popular means of making companies better known, building customer loyalty or attracting new customers. However, these small promotional items are often not only expensive, but also a burden on the environment, because they are often plastic-based and have a short useful life. With ecobono promotions and greenbox you can make your advertising sustainable – we show you how.

ecobono promotions

ecobono promotions - your solution for sustainable promotion

Advertising materials such as pens, flyers, key chains, etc. can reach many people, but give-aways are often expensive and, to make matters worse, generate a lot of waste. ecobono promotions offers a sustainable alternative: give your customers CO2 offsets, which they can use free of charge in a climate protection area of their choice.

The use of ecobono promotions does not require extensive marketing know-how and is possible in almost any company thanks to on- and offline integration options. Integrate the sustainable advertising material quickly and easily into your business, e.g. with a QR code on your packaging, cash register receipts or a display on the counter; via a link in the newsletter or e-mails; integration into your web store is also no problem - the application possibilities are almost unlimited. You can start your advertising campaign for as little as 98 euros plus VAT. That is only 4.9 cents per kg CO2 offset or advertising contact.

How many kg of CO2 you make available to your customers is up to you. Because whether it's 1 kg or 5 kg of CO2 offsetting, every kilo counts and makes an important contribution to protecting our environment.

ecobono promotions offers many other advantages

  • Your campaigns are clearly displayed in the ecobono dashboard. You can track at any time how much CO2 offsetting has already been used and into which climate protection areas it has flowed.

  • Your ecobono campaigns are displayed with your branding. Customers will see your logo when they place their offsets.

  • At the end of each campaign, you will receive a certificate showing the CO2 quantities offset and the climate protection areas supported.

ecobono promotions

Every kilo counts - climate protection with standard

With ecobono promotions, your customers can choose for the first time in which climate protection area they would like to offset their CO2. This means they can take action themselves after shopping with you and help protect the environment.

There is a choice of different carbon offset projects. ecobono promotions only selects offset projects that have been audited and certified by Gold Standard. This ensures that the projects are sustainable, effective and promote development.

To ensure that all offset quantities booked with ecobono promotions actually benefit climate protection, there is the "Every Kilo Counts" guarantee: If booked CO2 offset quantities are not used for more than 12 months, they are randomly allocated to a climate protection area.

greenbox meets ecobono promotions – Together for more sustainability

We at greenbox also use ecobono promotions. After each order in our online store, you have the opportunity to offset CO2 free of charge in a climate protection area of your choice.

In addition, we now offer our single wall cardboard cups (200 ml and 300 ml) with eco-bonus. The lovingly designed cups contain a QR code that your customers can use to allocate 1 kg of CO2 to one of the ecobono offset areas free of charge. This makes sustainable advertising even easier for you and you can become active for climate protection together with your customers.

paper cups 200 ml paper cups 300 ml

Would you like to offer more packaging with Eco-Bonus? No problem at all! We'll be happy to print an ecobono promotions QR code on ice cream cups, burger boxes and other takeaway packaging from our individualised productsRegister on ecobono promotions and send us the QR code of your campaign.

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