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NORTHPOL – Your Solution for Sustainable Advertising

Do you want your company to contribute to climate and environmental protection? Do you expect more commitment to sustainability from your customers, business partners, employees, and members? With NORTHPOL and greenbox, you can design your advertising sustainably and communicate it transparently to the outside world – we'll show you how.


NORTHPOL: Creating Connections for a Green Future

With NORTHPOL, you gain a strong partner who creates connections between companies and organizations, as well as people worldwide, through investments and implementation of certified climate and environmental projects. NORTHPOL offers individual advisory services for voluntary CO2 offset measures and CO2 certificates to support climate-effective environmental protection projects. This offer is aimed at those who want to actively contribute to environmental and climate protection or integrate their commitment into their business concept, and also want to involve specific target groups.

NORTHPOL's offering includes flexible solutions for integrating CO2 offsets into your company's processes, including linking with your marketing and communication strategies. The various climate and environmental protection projects are grouped into Eco Portfolios based on their ecological orientation, carefully selected by NORTHPOL. 

NORTHPOL's Action Portal offers a selection of CO2 certificates from various Eco Portfolios, ready for use with action tools in a few simple steps. These action tools can be integrated online and offline to reach any desired target audience, for example, through web links, QR codes, code snippets, REST APIs, Shopware 6 plugins, and more. 

Climate-effective support actions can easily be placed on products or packaging, online banners, stickers, pins, postcards, posters, flyers, advertising letters, business cards, roll-ups, newsletters, emails, vouchers, or your online shop's checkout. 

These marked products are loaded with a valuable share of a support action, called ecobono. This ecobono can be freely contributed to the booked climate and environmental protection projects by your customers, allowing a direct connection between your climate-effective commitment and your customers, as well as the projects from the Eco Portfolios.

 NORTHPOL offers many more advantages:

  • The Action Portal provides a clear overview of your support actions. You can track how much CO2 offset has already been used and which climate and environmental protection projects it has flowed into. 
  • Your support actions are displayed with your branding, and your logo is shown to customers when they allocate their CO2 offset amounts to their chosen projects.
  • After completing each support action, you receive a certificate showing the offset CO2 amounts and the supported climate protection areas. 
  • You can transparently view your invested budget at any time, with billing based on a cost-per-click model
  • The Action Portal offers individual settings for ecobono, allowing interactive participation from customers, business partners, employees, members, shareholders, or other stakeholders in an action.

Every Kilogram Counts - Climate Protection as Standard

At NORTHPOL, your customers can, for the first time, choose the environmental and climate protection area in which they want to offset their CO2. After shopping in your online store, they can actively contribute to our planet by allocating their chosen environmental project. NORTHPOL's Action Portal offers a variety of carbon offset projects, all chosen exclusively from those certified by the Gold Standard. This ensures that the projects are sustainable, effective, and development-oriented. The Gold Standard was developed in 2003 by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in collaboration with other NGOs and adheres to the strictest standards in voluntary CO2 certificate trading.

 Currently, the climate and environmental protection projects within the Eco Portfolios are categorized into the following areas:

  • "Renewable Energy" - Wind and Solar Power
  • "Resource Conservation" - Efficient Stoves and Water Purification
  • "Renaturation" - Preservation and Protection of Forests and Habitats, Reforestation
  • The inclusion of regional environmental projects is planned.

To ensure that all booked CO2 offset amounts at NORTHPOL are effectively used for climate protection, the "Every Kilogram Counts" guarantee is in place: If booked CO2 offset amounts are not utilized for over 12 months, they are randomly allocated to a climate protection area. 

greenbox meets NORTHPOL - Together for More Sustainability

We at greenbox have also partnered with NORTHPOL. After every order in our online store, you have the opportunity to offset CO2 for free in an environmental area of your choice.

Additionally, we offer asingle-walled cardboard cup (300ml) with loaded ecobono. This beautifully designed cup includes a QR code that allows your customers to allocate 1 kg of CO2 to their chosen environmental project for free. This makes sustainable advertising even easier for you, and you can actively engage in climate protection alongside your customers.

Would you like to offer additional packaging that is loaded with ecobono? No problem at all! We'd be happy to print ice cream cups, burger boxes, and other take-away containers from our customizable range with a QR code created through NORTHPOL's Action Portal. Register on NORTHPOL and send us the QR code for your support action.

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