What is the difference between our Palmware® and Palm leaf?

  • Premium quality
  • Suitable for hot and greasy foods
  • Unique grain
  • Biodegradable (EN 13432)

Premium Palmware® bowls for catering and food trucks

Which dishes are good in our Palmware® bowls? The bowls are suitable for meals like curry, pad thai and couscous salad.
Do you own a food truck? With the matching lid on top, your customers’ food is safely packaged for their journey. The lid also keeps food warm for longer.

Environmentally friendly all-rounder: As a natural product, the palm leaf bowls are food safe and fully biodegradable.
Did you know? Our manufacturers do not cultivate any additional arable land for these bowls. Only palm leaves that have done their job and already fallen to the ground are used for manufacturing.

What are our Palmware® bowls used for? Our palm leaf dishes are suitable for food trucks and catering.
Our recommendation: use for meals that will be consumed straight away. The bowls may soften if liquid foods or sauces are left to sit there for a long time. It is best to fill the bowls with soup no more than 15 minutes before serving - moist or greasy foods no more than 30 minutes. The bowls can also be used for dry takeaway food.
Do you want to test the Palmware® bowls to see if they work for you? With a sample order, you’ll soon find out what you can use our bowls for.

  • Product width (mm): 180
  • Product height (mm): 50
  • Product length (mm): 180
  • Article volume (ml): 800
  • Article volume (oz): 33,81
  • Max. volume (ml): 1000
  • Width carton (mm): 400
  • Length pack (mm): 600
  • Height pack (mm): 415
  • Weight per pack (kg): 6,0
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 5
  • EAN: 4260643579981
Product advantages
This article is completely bio-degradable. In case that it contains plastics, only bio-plastics, which decompose in a natural way, are used.
Cold and hot dishes
This article is suitable for both cold and hot dishes.
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