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greenbox App

Our ordering app is simple, practical and sustainable for your time account! It is ideal for customers who often buy the same thing. Below we will show you how the greenbox app works and where you can download it for free.

The app is only available in German.

Reordering made easy

How do you order your goods? Write a tally sheet in the warehouse, boot up your PC in the office, type up the list and order. Like this? A bit time-consuming when it comes to recurring standard purchases. We agree and have therefore developed our new greenbox app! With just a few clicks, you can integrate your favourite products into the app so that they are always directly available for you to choose from - sorted both alphabetically and by order history.

This is how it works

As an existing customer, your previous orders are already integrated into the app so that your favourites are immediately available under "My items"! For future orders, simply click on the respective product or the plus sign and automatically add items to your shopping cart under "Reorder". As a new customer you first need a customer account. You can create one at .

Clicking on the button "Add items from the shop" will take you to our online shop, where you can add other items. Navigate through the shop and place the items in the shopping cart. That's it!

Now the desired product is in the app and will be saved for future quick purchases and re-orders. A demonstration of the ordering process is shown in the video (German only).

Available free of charge in the App-Store

Click on the icon or scan the QR code with your smartphone to go directly to the Google Play - or Apple Store .