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Merways: The free app for deposit-free lending of reusable containers

The introduction of reusable packaging is becoming increasingly important to reduce waste, protect the environment and reduce the burden on local communities. This is one of the reasons why reusable packaging is now a legal requirement in many areas of catering, food retail and events. The free Merways app offers a simple solution to simplify the handling of reusable packaging - for you and your customers!

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Merways mobile app simplifies the handling of reusable packaging

Since 1 January 2023, the new packaging law in Germany has been in force, which particularly affects many catering businesses if they have more than 5 employees or have a larger area of 80 sqm or more. Customers now have the right to request reusable packaging when taking away or delivering food. To simplify the handling of reusable packaging for you and your customers, the free and innovative Merways app offers many advantages.

The Merways app is easy to use and free for you and your customers. Before you can use the app, you must first register on the Merways website and register your restaurant/catering business. When borrowing, you enter the number of borrowed containers in the app and then scan a QR code on your customer's smartphone. Merways donates 1 kg of CO2 compensation for each loan transaction - because the sustainability concept is also at the centre here. 1 kg of CO2 corresponds to a 5 km car journey with a petrol engine (consumer 5l/100km).

The deposit-free, free and clever solution

As already mentioned: The use of the lending function of the Merways mobile app is basically free of charge. There are also some optional additional features that can be booked, but these are not necessary to be able to use the app in everyday life. What happens after you have scanned the borrowed containers? Your customers now have two weeks to return the containers to you free of charge. If this does not happen, the app automatically reminds your customers to return them and charges them a reminder fee of 99 cents per week. In total, Merways reminds your customers regularly, extending the loan period up to eight times. In the event of a lost container or non-return, you will be refunded 5 euros per container - also completely automated, you don't have to do anything. You can also find more information on the Merways YouTube channel.

Combine greenbox with Merways

To use Merways, it is not mandatory to use greenbox reusable containers. You can also use any other reusable container you feel is most suitable for your food and business, no matter what material it is made of or where you purchased it. We recommend our sustainable bio-plastic trays and containers, which are made from renewable resources and are 98% bio-based. Häppy" reusable dishes are stackable to save space, suitable for hot and cold food, dishwasher safe, antibacterial, shatterproof, suitable for freezing and there are matching lids. It can also be combined with our disposable tableware. An additional plus with our reusable range is the possibility of customisation. greenbox prints your customisable logo on the containers - because why should someone else decorate your containers with their logo? At the end of their life cycle, we take the containers back and recycle them.