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repEAT: reusable packaging for food

You have probably already noticed the small “repEAT” icon in our shop that adorns our reusable products. If so, you might of wondered what it means. We will explain to you what it is all about, why reusable things are simply worth more in our eyes and how you can start using reusable packaging with us.

What is repEAT and what does it mean?

Reusable concepts are increasingly in demand on the to-go market and are even set to become mandatory from 2023 in many EU-countries. To meet this demand, we have put together a new B2B reusable range. This goes under the name repEAT! With this, we want to make reusable items in our shop more recognizable and therefore also used more often.

The name of the label is a combination of the words "repeat" and "eat" - a reference to the reusable character and the fact that they are related to food.

Our repEAT products score twice: they are made of sustainable materials and can be used multiple times to save resources. The sustainable materials are e.g. glass, organic cotton or our specially self-developed Bio-Compound, a composite material made of wood and bioplastic. You can find out more about this material in our related Bio-Compound information article.

Why is reusability particularly sustainable?

The word "sustainability” is derived from the latin “sustinere” (maintain, uphold). Thus, one meaning is that something is useful for a particularly long time. This also makes it clear why reusable packaging is particularly sustainable: Instead of having to dispose of a product after a single use, a reusable product can be used several times and thus conserves resources.

What are reusable products suitable for?

Offering reusable products has many advantages. On the one hand, the consumer can choose between disposable or reusable products and thus has the opportunity to actively decide for himself. On the other hand, you signal a sustainable mindset and inspire with environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Reusable products are particularly suitable for regular customers of the supermarket salad bar, pick-up customers in restaurants or shoppers in unpacked shops.

As a sustainable company, you can also enter the cycle yourself. In our HÄPPY BOWL, for example, you can offer salads or curries "To Go" and charge a deposit for the bowl. Very similar to cups and glass deposits on festivals. Best of all, the bowl is dishwasher safe and can therefore be used many times and cleaned easily.

Which reusable products can you find in our shop?

Reusable packaging solutions are not only resource-friendly, but also very trendy. That is why we offer you a constantly expanding range of reusable products. Whether it is glass bottles and straws for a freshly squeezed smoothie, fabric bags and vegetable nets for shopping or reusable cutlery and reusable bowls for lunch... the sustainable way starts with you and your company!

Do you have an idea how we can expand our range, or do you absolutely need a certain reusable product for your business? Feel free to contact us!

We are also already in the process of adding new repEAT products to our range. You can look forward to new products in our repEAT collection soon!