Instalment purchase: reusable containers for your individual food business

Reusable containers can quickly lead to high financial burdens in the initial purchase. It is therefore all the more important to calculate the costs precisely at the beginning. Not every restaurateur can make a high initial investment. That's why we are making reusable containers affordable even for the small purse! In this way, everyone is given the opportunity to adapt to reusable packaging in a legally compliant manner. With the help of an instalment purchase of our Häppy Boxes, the high initial costs are eliminated.

The greenbox reusable instalment purchase over 12 months

Our special offer (limited until 15 January 2023) includes an instalment purchase over 12 months. The initial investment can thus be spread over 12 months at a favourable price - after this period the containers are yours. The monthly fixed price (in three simple price categories) remains without hidden costs. Various options in different quantities can be selected using the associated configurator. It quickly becomes clear how much an individual offer will cost.

Instead of charging for each individual use of the reusable containers, we charge a constant monthly price, unlike many other providers. This is because when a fee is charged per use, the cost of the reusable containers becomes more expensive with multiple uses. With us, it's different: with each use, the cost of the reusable packaging decreases in relation to the one-way packaging and other reusable containers for which a usage fee is charged.

The matching lid is included with every container!

Which reusable containers are available for hire purchase? We provide you with various Häppy Box reusable containers that have one thing in common: They are made from sustainable organic compound. Our organic compound is made from natural fibres and bioplastics. The articles are, among other things, tested food-safe, temperature-resistant, dishwasher-safe or dishwasher-safe and recyclable. In addition, the products were developed in Germany - where they are still manufactured. The matching lid is always included with the reusable containers offered in the configurator. This means that the containers can be securely closed for transport. Should the packaging become too worn at some point, we will take over the recycling process.

Where can I order the greenbox reusable instalment purchase?

You want to use reusable alternatives, but don't want to make a large investment right away? Then order your individually compiled reusable set here. With the help of the reusable configurator you can individually compile the reusable containers you need. The offer is valid for both existing and new greenbox customers. Whether it's menu plates, cups, burger boxes or trays - you'll find the right reusable alternative there. The only thing that is important for ordering is that you fill out the appropriate SEPA form if you have not already done so. 

 If you would like to buy the containers regularly (without hire purchase), you can also find them in our greenbox shop in the reusable category. Whether by instalment purchase or direct purchase: With your decision, you are prepared for the reusable obligation and demonstrably do something good for our earth.

To the reusable instalment purchase
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