What is the EWKFondsG?

In January 2024, the EWKFondsG comes into effect as another step of the SUP Directive. In the following, we aim to provide you with a clear and understandable explanation of what this entails and the impact of this legislation.

New Law

The German federal government has passed the Single-Use Plastic Fund Act (EWKFondsG), which will take effect on January 1, 2024. It is not relevant whether it is conventional plastic or bioplastic.

We place great emphasis on transparency, as we are aware that additional costs can be a financial burden. Therefore, we want to ensure that our customers are as informed as possible about these additional costs imposed by this law.

Attention: For all items with the following notice on the order confirmation: "Triggers registration obligation under EWKFondsG when filled with food," there is a special feature. The person who fills the packaging with food and then sells it is considered the manufacturer within the scope of the EWKFondsG. Under certain circumstances, registration as a manufacturer and payment of EWKFondsG fees may be necessary here. We recommend discussing this individually with the Federal Environment Agency. Please contact: buergerservice@uba.de.

When does the EWKFondsG come into effect and which articles are affected by it?

Starting from 2024, all manufacturers selling products in Germany will have to pay this levy. Which items from our shop are affected by it? We offer some products made from bioplastic and recycled plastic or coated with bioplastic. Therefore, starting from January 2024, we will have to impose an additional charge on the following items:

  • Food containers: €0.177 per KG net weight
  • Bottles: €0.181 per KG net weight
  • Beverage cups and lids: €1.236 per KG net weight
  • Lightweight plastic bags: €3.801 per KG net weight

For the delivery of our articles within Germany, the EWK levy are already included in the prices. For deliveries outside Germany, the levy are not included in the price. Since the levy is based on the net weight of the purchase quantity, it may vary depending on the item. To explain with an example: The more rPET clear cups you purchase, the higher the EWK levy. So, it follows that the higher the weight of your purchased items, the higher the EWGFondsG levy.

We place a strong emphasis on transparency because we understand that additional costs can be a financial burden. Therefore, we want to ensure that our customers are as well-informed as possible about these extra expenses.

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