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Ordering system foodsta®: Your own online shop for food orders

Everyday is Take-away! The business of delivery services is booming. The pandemic further strengthened this fact. Many restaurants now complementary offer a take-away business as a full service. Especially during the lockdown, this was the only way to earn money. To cope with the extra work, many seek the help of professional food delivery services. However, the largest and best-known delivery service provider charges a hefty commission. We have a cheaper alternative for you!

Pizza, pasta and commission

The fridge is empty, the appetite is great and the motivation is low - delivery services prove to be a saviour in these situations. In 2019 (mind you, the year before the pandemic), 87 % of people in Germany said they had already ordered from a delivery service. 82 % of them ordered for dinner with family or friends. Pizza is listed in first place as the most popular dish. Receiving a food delivery is no longer a trend, but everyday life in many households. The concept is very simple for customers: they select a restaurant and the desired dish online or via an app and, if necessary, pay directly using contactless payment. Now all they have to do is wait for the delivery service to ring the doorbell. A win-win situation? Not necessarily, because with conventional delivery services, restaurant operators have to pay a high commission of up to 30 %. So let us show you a programme where your turnover goes straight into your pocket.

Delivery service without commission

So how do I get started? This is a question that many restaurant operators who are planning a take-away business are likely to ask themselves. The least effort would be to accept orders exclusively by telephone. For many, however, a telephone call is not user-friendly enough and also no longer up-to-date due to the advancing digitalisation. The catering industry must inevitably adapt to this fact. But how do you launch your own online shop? The first mistake is already lurking here: restaurant owners turn to market leaders in the online delivery services segment. At first glance, this seems the easiest option, but you not only lose control, but also a large part of your turnover. The food does reach the customers - but a commission of up to 30 per cent is due. This is one of the reasons why the big delivery services are emerging from the crisis as winners. But there is now an alternative where your turnover goes exclusively into your pocket: foodsta®!

Alternative delivery service: The all-in-one package with foodsta®

With foodsta® the turnover stays where it belongs: with you. foodsta® does not charge a turnover commission - yet you get a full all-in-one package. foodsta® will build you a ready-made online shop within only 3 to 5 days. After all, the past has shown how quickly action must be taken in times of crisis. If necessary, you can adjust the shop yourself at any time in order to remain independent. No special technical knowledge is required. Your customers can place orders in your online shop, which will then reach you automatically. Without any "time-consuming" telephone call. Payment is made either in cash, by card or via PayPal. The matching app makes the processing of orders very easy for you. The app also generates a sales report. If necessary, you can manually post this data to your existing cash register.

59 € (plus VAT) per month - no hidden costs!

If you want to try out foodsta®, that's no problem: the first month is free. You can also cancel every month. The most important thing is that you keep the upper hand. For the service package, foodsta® charges a monthly basic fee of 59 € (plus VAT) - without any hidden costs. Take control of your business and stay in control - with foodsta® it's possible!

The advantages of take-away business

Still unsure if you want to sell your food out-of-home? In 2020, global sales in the online food delivery market were around $107 billion. In 2024, market research predicts that sales will already exceed 182 billion dollars. Germany is listed at 3.2 billion. People are ordering more and more frequently. Use this fact to your advantage! We have put together a few examples and tips that illustrate the positive effectiveness of the take-away business.

Take-away menu

Some restaurants put together a special take-away menu. This is usually a slimmed-down form of the actual menu. It contains only dishes that are quick and easy to prepare. Dishes that lose quality and taste during short transport routes, on the other hand, should be eliminated. In addition, the food must be easy to pack. You decide which dishes should be integrated into your foodsta® online shop.

The right packaging

Transporting a pizza is not a big hurdle. However, if a customer orders a soup, suitable packaging is absolutely necessary. Individual components, such as salad dressings, sauces and toppings, should also be packaged separately. In addition to the practical and functional aspect, the EU single-use plastic ban (SUPD) should also be taken into account. This directive aims to reduce environmental damage caused by single-use plastic products. Therefore, certain products for which there are sustainable alternatives are now banned. In our shop you will find everything you need in take-away packaging - completely SUPD-compliant, of course!


Not every gastronomic concept can be easily squeezed into a delivery service scheme. A gourmet restaurant that thrives on artful and elaborate dishes of the highest quality also needs the appropriate to-go packaging to survive transport undamaged. If your business is known for unique dishes or exceptional cuisine, out-of-home sales are very worthwhile for you!

Unlimited capacities

"Unfortunately, we don't have any more tables available" - this sentence is completely absent in the out-of-home business. The limitation of tables does not matter. At most, the delivery time may be longer if there is a high volume of business. It is important that you plan for more kitchen staff, especially on busy days, in order to be able to cope with the large number of orders. foodsta® offers a digital solution by tracking orders and times. This allows for better planning in the future. With the ordering service, more people can be "served" - in addition to the core business. This could have a positive effect on your turnover. There is also the chance to reach people who like your food so much that they decide to visit your restaurant. You also retain your regular customers through the additional service.

No service staff necessary

With out-of-home sales, no service staff are needed to serve at the table. With the foodsta® app, you simply receive push notifications that inform you about incoming orders. Some restaurants are now even using a so-called ghost kitchen. The concept is very simple: there is only one kitchen - without a dining area. In the USA, this gastronomic concept is very popular. The food is produced exclusively for delivery, but by definition it is no longer a restaurant.

Profitable extra business

Ordering has now proven to be a lucrative additional business. Those who would rather forego the typical restaurant feeling and have their pasta on the sofa at home usually reach for their smartphone more often and order the popular standard dish. After the lockdown, many restaurants are keeping their out-of-home business - because it has proven successful. Moreover, they are still prepared for all eventualities. Normal catering operations continue, while orders are diligently packed in the background. With foodsta® as a strong partner, you can build up your take-away business as an additional branch that complements your core business - quickly, easily and cheaply!

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