The sustainable triple for the food industry: greenbox, Mehrweg-App and foodsta

Would you like to structure your daily catering routine more digitally and at the same time fulfil the legal obligations? With greenbox, Mehrweg-App and foodsta, we offer you comprehensive solutions to take the hurdles out of organising your business. Our tools are designed to save you time and effort so you can focus on what matters most: the success of your business. Find out how this works and how we support you here!


Connecting Environmental Awareness and Digitization

Significant changes have occurred in the food industry in recent years (for example, the SUPD ban and mandatory reuse in Germany). The shift towards sustainability is groundbreaking. The use of biodegradable packaging and the elimination of conventional plastic have been our credo since the business was founded. This development is demanded and supported by consumers, as more and more people appreciate the value of sustainability and consciously choose environmentally friendly alternatives. It is important that the food industry continues to develop in this direction in order to contribute to the protection of our environment.

greenbox has been selling sustainable disposable packaging for over 10 years - not because the corresponding laws already existed at that time, but out of conviction and a sense of responsibility towards our earth and future generations. We now also find digital solutions for current challenges or legal adjustments. With our digital offers, we make your everyday catering life easier to help you run your business smoothly.

Digital solutions for the new challenges in gastronomy

Since its foundation, greenbox has stood for environmentally friendly disposable packaging that is sustainable and CO2-compensated. Especially during the pandemic, we supplied our customers quickly and reliably with suitable take-away packaging. This meant that many restaurateurs were able to continue their business, at least in part. In line with this, we created foodsta, an ordering system with which caterers can process their orders via software. Their customers order via an order page and also pay directly digitally there.

The compulsory reusability in Germany adds another challenge. Under certain conditions (if they have more than 5 employees or a larger area than 80 square metres), gastronomy operators must use reusable containers. greenbox developed its own reusable containers early on, which have already been in the shop for several years. To structure the lending and return of reusable alternatives, we created Mehrweg-App to match. With Mehrweg-App, we found the deposit-free and free solution for lending reusable packaging.

Mehrweg-Appfoodsta and greenbox work optimally together as a system - their features and functions mesh like cogs. With this trio, you cover sustainable packaging, digital solutions and legal obligations. Too complicated and theoretical? No problem, our greenling shows you how greenbox, Mehrweg-App and foodsta work together!

Digitise the out-of-home business - without sales commissions!

"New order" appears on Grünling's tablet - 2 spaghetti bolognese, one of them vegetarian. He has his hands full as a restaurateur. His take-away offer has become an important part of his business. To coordinate this, he uses foodsta. Since he has been using the ordering system, his out-of-home business runs in a structured and well thought-out way. The software offers restaurateurs the possibility to carry out the ordering process completely digitally. This not only makes Grünling's everyday gastronomic life easier, but also makes the ordering process more convenient for his clientele. On the ordering platform, which was customised by Grünling itself, customers order and pay directly.

Admittedly: Grünling was a little sceptical at first. His technical knowledge is limited - so how is he supposed to build an order page on his own and even in just a few minutes? Thanks to a simple modular system, it's child's play. Updating his menu independently is also no problem. Should he still need help, experts are on hand to assist him. And best of all: Grünling does not have to pay any commission on sales! He keeps 100 % of the turnover he has earned.

After Grünling has prepared the pasta dishes, he packs the finished order into the reusable packaging - this is what his customers had requested when they placed their order. This is where Mehrweg-App comes into play...

Create your own ordering platform on foodsta

Borrow reusable containers easily and digitally - deposit-free and free of charge!

Grünling also buys its reusable packaging from greenbox. Reusable packaging is now even legally obligatory under certain conditions. In the past, many customers asked for reusable alternatives. All well and good, Grünling thought, but how is the lending and return of the containers supposed to work in an orderly manner? Integrating this procedure into his daily routine seemed costly and complicated. With Mehrweg-App, he finally found a smart solution to his problem. Mehrweg-App is a free app that creates a deposit-free and simple solution for borrowing reusable items. Grünling enters the number of borrowed containers into the app - i.e. two bowls for two pasta dishes. It is important to note that his customers also need Mehrweg-App to borrow the items. Grünling scans the corresponding QR code there. No deposit is charged, which further simplifies the process. This means: the customer picks up the pasta dishes, pulls out his mobile phone, opens  Mehrweg-App and Grünling scans the corresponding QR code - that's it! For deliveries, the process is the same. If customers do not return the containers after two weeks, Mehrweg-App charges them a reminder fee of 99 cents. The loan can be extended up to eight times. If Grünling does not get the reusable containers back, Mehrweg-App refunds him five euros - completely automatically.

The obligation to use reusable packaging does not only affect traditional restaurant owners. Cafés, bakeries, snack bars, canteens, food trucks as well as trade fairs, concerts and stadiums are also affected - the list is longer than one might initially think. Grünling therefore recommended that a butcher friend also use  Mehrweg-App. He has his reusable packaging delivered by another supplier - but that is not relevant when using Mehrweg-App. The app is not tied to any provider or system.

Structure the lending of reusable packaging with Mehrweg-App

Sustainability and environmental awareness times three!

What Grünling likes most, besides the practicality: foodstaMehrweg-App and greenbox focus on sustainability and work 100% CO2-compensatedfoodsta donates 1 kg CO2 to a certified climate protection project for all orders. Mehrweg-App also donates 1 kg of CO2 compensation for each loan transaction. greenbox works according to the motto "Climate Safe 360°" and has been supporting climate protection projects for years (including regional reforestation in India and the protection of dry forest and savannah in Kenya). Currently, Mehrweg-App, foodsta and greenbox are balancing their offsets in Nigeria and Guatemala. We support the distribution of efficient wood stoves and safe water treatment.

With greenboxfoodsta and Mehrweg-App, Grünling has found three partners who are reliable, transparent and solution-oriented. What's more, they mesh perfectly with each other! All components of our offer can be combined with each other or used individually. You decide which offer suits your business and your individual needs! Whether it's disposable or reusable packaging or digital support - we are there for you!

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