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The Difference between Palmware® and Palm Leaf

  • Plates, 18 x 18 cm
  • Suitable for hot, moist, and greasy foods
  • Individual grain pattern
  • Biodegradable
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and stackable
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Palm Leaf Plates for Catering and Food Trucks

Our palm leaf plates are perfect for greasy, moist, or hot foods and are food-safe. Running a food truck? With the palm leaf plates, you save space as they are lightweight, sturdy, and stackable. Serve your dishes quickly and easily to satisfy your customers.

As a natural product, our palm leaf plates are completely biodegradable. They are made from natural waste products of betel nut plantations without cultivating additional agricultural land. This contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

  • Product width (mm): 180
  • Product height (mm): 24
  • Product length (mm): 182
  • Article volume (ml): 325
  • Article volume (oz): 10,725
  • Product width bottom (mm): 95
  • Product Length bottom (mm): 95
  • Width carton (mm): 180
  • Length pack (mm): 182
  • Height pack (mm): 107
  • Weight per pack (kg): 0,893
  • Sub-packaging units per PU: 1
  • EAN: 4260755560662
Product advantages
This article is completely bio-degradable. In case that it contains plastics, only bio-plastics, which decompose in a natural way, are used.
Cold and hot dishes
This article is suitable for both cold and hot dishes.
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